Grey hair can be quite annoying, especially if you see them sprout when you still feel young. Yes, thought to be a sign of old age, white hair can show up at any age — especially if you are predisposed to premature greying. But can plucking them out make the situation worse? We give you the answer.Why do we have grey hair?

Grey hair is something that happens when you age. While for some it may happen when they are younger (a condition known as premature greying), for  others it is usually a sign of ageing.

This happens because as we get older, the cells (known as pigment cells) that give our hair its natural colour gradually die. The fewer the pigment cells, the lesser the melanin in your hair follicles and your hair starts to turn whitish or grey as it grows out [1].

Will more grow out if I pluck one white hair?

This is a very common query a number of people have. While there are some who believe that plucking out one white hair can lead to three or four more growing out in its place, it is merely a myth. This is because what is done to one hair follicle cannot (or rather does not) affect what happens to the hair next to it, plucking out one white hair will not lead to more of them growing out.

That being said, this isn’t a great habit. This is because when you pluck out a hair, it may in some cases kill the follicle below your skin in which case you may not grow any hair in that spot. And if you pull out too many white hair at once, it could lead to the formation of a bald spot in that specific area.

So, instead of plucking them, how about colouring your hair or simply leaving it just as it is? You may also like to read about these tips when colouring your hair.

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[1] Hair cycle and hair pigmentation: dynamic interactions and changes associated with aging. Dominique Van Nestea, Desmond J TobinbMicron. Volume 35, Issue 3, April 2004, Pages 193–200. Morphological and functional changes in aging skin

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