It’s irritating when hair falls over your face or eyes. Tying it in a neat bun or a tight ponytail is the best way to avoid that from happening. But did you know that tying your hair too tightly in a bun all the time can lead to baldness? Read about 10 more reasons why you may be losing hair.
The condition is termed as traction alopecia and often caused due to pulling of hair, causing damage to the roots. Gymnasts, swimmers and ballerinas experience traction alopecia as their hair is tied very tightly most of the time. The balding may not necessarily occur near the forehead. The scalp area near the neck (occipital area) is also prone to balding due to hair tied tightly in a bun or ponytail [1]. Dermatologists have recommended tying your hair loosely or preventing traction or strong grip in any part of the scalp to prevent balding [2]. (Read: Hair fall treatment at home – 7 remedies that work.)

Balding can also occur in males with long hair who keep their hair tied in a tight ponytail according to Dr Shuba Dharmana, a celebrity hair transplant surgeon. Studies have also indicated Sikh males mostly suffer from traction alopecia due to the constant tying of hair and keeping it tucked in the turban [3]. Another study conducted on 574 school girls in Africa have also indicated the incidence of traction baldness due to braiding and similar hairstyles [4]. If you suffer from balding, you can also try alternate treatments like homeopathy for alopecia and hair loss.

How to prevent balding due to TA? If you need to tie a ponytail or bun, keep it loose. Leave your hair open while sleeping. If you feel your hairstyle is too tight and causing a headache, it means it’s not right. Hair extensions must also be avoided as they result in a pull on the hair and lead to traction alopecia, says Dr Apoorva Shah, founder of Richfeel Health and Beauty Pvt. Ltd. You can also try these styling tips if your hair is thinning.

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